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At Invacio, We've created a dynamic neural network that couples itself directly against systematic tasks to our perform any human element creating a full autonomous environment for our end users, autonomous products and solutions for a autonomous future.

CIA Data Banks

Since 1999, the CIA has regularly released its historical declassified records via the (CREST), we in return batch import, process and determine relevancy for historical fiscal movements utilising the information within and the fiscal movements at the time to create a modal, based around current "news", "pivots" and historical information in the form of declassified state documents, or other sources such as Wikileaks, which are in return used within our Financial AI System...View Data & Analysis

Satellite Data Extraction

Invacio pulls in satellite feeds from various sources including Nasa, these in return are geo coordinated to certain interest points on earth under the sections of all forms of natural resources, all forms of commercial movements off goods and all forms of retail areas, lastly all forms of agricultural grounds, which are then processed against various analysing AI's to extract data which in return is compared against records, projections for the time frame which enables us to accurately get a bigger picture on micro economics of certain industries or brands in a autonomous fashion of hoops and triggers. We have open-sourcing certain levels of our data that can be found in the Invacio section here.


Processed Projections


Live Data Banks


Financial Projections


Live Product Users

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